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Sprintec is combination hormonal birth control medication that women take orally once a day on 28-day cycle to prevent pregnancy. It works to interrupt the ovulation cycle by preventing the ovary’s release of an egg, along with thickening vaginal fluid and changing the lining of the uterus wall.

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How to use

Sprintec birth control is taken orally once each day, and it is best to take this medication at around the same time each day.

There are 21 active pills in each Sprintec medication pack, and it will have 7 inactive pills too. Take one active pill each day for 21 days, and then conclude the monthly schedule by taking one of the 7 inactive pills each day for the last 7 days of the 28-day (4 week) schedule.

In the event you miss a dose do not take a make-up dose, and instead only resume taking your birth control medication as you would the next day at the regular time.

If you miss 2 or more doses in a row you should use a barrier contraceptive method when having sex until you are able to re-establish your medication cycle.


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